the worlds we love v3

The Worlds We Love.

A fan collective of joined and owned fanlistings, as well as my personal fanworks.


The Worlds We Love is a fan collective run by Muffy and is part of the Solstice Party!
Who is Muffy? An Enigma I guess...


Vizune for the rad Web Design
Enthusiast 3.0 for Collective Management
Lysianthus's Enthusiast fork for Enth's PHP 7.0+ support
Archive of our Own for hosting fanfiction
Photoshop and Photoscape for being pretty cool image editors
Mousey and Icera for their work that inspired me long ago to make websites & fanshrines.
David and Jo for being the loves of my life.
The Worlds I Love for captivating me and bringing me up as the years go on.